Who is channing tatum dating 2016

was on hand to get footage of Chris saying hi to Jenny before her interview rounds, and it's just too cute.

The actress seems happy to spill on her relationship in the below video, saying: "We didn't know each other growing up, but we grew up about half an hour away from each other.

Some celebrity relationships come and go so quickly, it can be hard to keep track.

I was dating Tupac Shakur at the time and the thing is he got me all riled up on life in general.

You can learn more about the inaccuracy of the rumor by reading this Cosmogirl blog entry by a good friend of Channing and Jenna’s.

The pictures of their clandestine rondevue on the street came out around the same time that Channing and Jenna moved in together and may have caused poor Jenna some heartache.

But the Bellas now seem to be in a relationship themselves. The news comes after Bella T split from fellow Disney Channel alum Sulkin after more than a year together.

We didn't realise it, but Thorne might have been posting about dating Pendergast for some time… The two shared a kiss on the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards 2015, but Sulkin did not attend this year's event, prompting rumours of the split.


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    The girls seemingly became close when Pendergast began dating Bella Thorne’s 20-year-old brother, Remy, and they often share their adoration for each other on social media.

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    83% of these teens report that social media helps them feel more connected to information about their friends' lives, 70% report feeling more connected to their friends' feelings, and 57% make new friends.