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We've always loved each other, and we adore these kids."Leoni waded back into the dating pool months later with her co-star, Tim Daly.As of May, the lovebirds appeared to be going strong as they smooched for a photo in front of the Jefferson Memorial, which was shared to the actor's Instagram.Although Duchovny and Anderson never confirmed their relationship, they haven’t gone to great lengths to deny it either.In 2014 Tea Leoni and David Duchovny officially ended their marriage and got a divorce – although they have remained in contact with each other to co-parent their two children Madeline (15 years old) and Kyd (12 years old).

According to the March 23rd edition of GLOBE Magazine, “They may be divorced since last August but David Duchovny still drives ex Tea Leoni nuts.

He was working on the set of Californication and couldn’t keep his fingers out of that proverbial cookie jar.

His cheating followed by a stint in a facility for sex addiction were well documented but apparently David wasn’t the only one cheating. 1st print edition of GLOBE Magazine Tea was not only having a fling with then-costar Billy Bob Thornton, but she ditched her kids to follow his band across the country!

And, even though she has been linked to her Madame Secretary costar Tim Daly, Tea admits that she still loves her ex.” It really is ironic that Tea Leoni has such a “love” for David Duchovny now that they are officially divorced and he is free to be with Gillian Anderson and the couple can go private with their relationship.

star famously separated in 2008 while David sought professional treatment for a sex addiction.


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